Sunday, October 30, 2011

kid stories

(We didn't have much Internet this week so a bunch of blog posts piled up in my head - which is why I've posted three this afternoon. There's so much to share!)

These kids! They're crazy. We spent much of last week playing tag, Hanky Panky, and Nepali games, learning new Nepali words, and bonding with all of them. It was the best. This week we'll be at the Debortolis visiting several ministries in Kathmandu - but next week I'm planning on being right back with the kids.

Rajn, who fell asleep on my lap one night. Cutest thing ever.

I have to admit that learning 23 names was hard...and I don't remember this girl's name. But I do know that she really loves to jump rope!

Tara and a baby goat

Two favorite stories:

After we'd been gone for one morning, Mahandra, a little 4 or 5 year old, grabbed my hand and led me up to the kitchen to make sure I got some of the 'saal roti' (fried bread) they'd all made, even though lunch was long over. And when I got manure on my arm one afternoon in the field, he ran to get a pitcher of water, poured a little on my arm, and scrubbed it off. He would have kept on pouring and scrubbing until my skin rubbed off, but I convinced him it was gone and gave him a HUGE hug. What a little servant!

Lyssa has a cold, so when Tara, who's 7, found out, she instantly put her hands on Lyssa's cheek and throat and prayed. And Lyssa felt better. These children have so much faith and love for Jesus!

Okay. Want to learn a little game in Nepali? Grab a friend. Face each other. Put your right hand on top of their left, and their left over your right. Then slap their left hand four times while saying, "ko ko dai, ko ko dai." Have your friend slap your hand three times to a slower "ko, ko, ko." Then count to ten (in English, actually!) - slapping on every other number. Whoever slaps on ten tries to hit the other person's hand, and if they don't pull their hand away in time, they lose and you win! Whatever happens, cheer a lot when it's over :)

Rajn, our little monkey man

Rajn and Anita (one of Tara's three sisters who are all here together).

My new best friend, Tara. I LOVE this girl. We took about thirty of these silly pictures.

Mahandra and Sunil

My other best friend Biba (another one of Tara's sisters) who taught me a lot of Nepali and braided my hair in the mornings.

Here's a closer picture of Biba. She's 15. I had so much fun talking with her! Her English is sometimes hard to understand, and I obviously know no Nepali, so occasionally we'd just have to laugh and give up. But we had a blast together.

Looking out on the roof after an afternoon rainstorm (during which I taught Sita "rain rain go away").

I can't wait to go back!

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