Tuesday, October 18, 2011

from kathmandu with apologies

I'm sitting in a coffee shop called Higher Grounds in Kathmandu, Nepal, listening to traffic outside and catching up on my journal. I just ate the best, fluffiest, biggest pancakes ever, for only 220 rupees (about $2.80) and drank two cups of black coffee (about 75 cents each). Food here is cheap and Western food like this is a delicacy - possibly confusing and dangerous for my stomach after seven days of eating nothing but dahl bat in remote Nepali villages.

I've obviously meant to blog a lot more than I have so far, and will, but this is Asia. Meaning that China blocks Blogger (and Facebook), so I couldn't access this at all for 10 days, and then we spent our first week in Nepal trekking through remote villages near the Annapurna region, having crazy experiences that I haven't even begun to process and eating nothing but dahl bat (rice and lentils, with vegetable curry) for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Which brings me back to the pancakes and coffee, and the tomato soup that I'm going to have for lunch since we might be here all day, and the strangeness of city (noise, smog, cars, motorbikes, no quiet terraces of rice or soaring Himalayan peaks), and the million things I want to blog about - and will - as soon as I drink this coffee and figure out how to share (testify about, explain, communicate to a Western culture and my own Western mind) exactly what happened this week.

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  1. Sounds as though you're having a great time! Keep on enjoying it!

    Uncle Greg