Friday, September 9, 2011

the next adventure

So I gave my two-week's notice at work today. This means that I'll be finishing up two weeks from tomorrow. It was definitely freeing to say hey, I'm peacing out to go to Asia for a while, see you all later, but also sad, because I really like my restaurant.

Working there has been a huge growing experience. I've learned how to do a million things at once, how to shout CORNER loudly, how to balance the give and take of intense teamwork, and how to act like I'm calm and cool under pressure and stress, even when my brain is kind of exploding. And I've learned how to always be cheerful and kind with customers, even when they're being picky or rude, and how to look beyond the perfect 20% tip -- and instead, just plain enjoy taking care of people no matter what they leave lying on the table.

Even though I feel like I've spent three quarters of my summer in the back zone, steaming in spaghetti smells and sweating like crazy, calling back baked chickens and taking orders and running food around, (and this bothered me for a while, that I hadn't had my usual, lazy summer), I will miss it. Especially the people I work with, who always make me laugh.

But. On the 24th, I'll clock out for the last time (at least for a while), and I'll be on to the next adventure. Nepal and China, here we come!

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